wat the fuk happened to the first text post


still dunno which puppy ugh

so far i have almost all the supplies and ive just been researching a lot of training and puppy shit and the best shibe supplies

i have the crate and a play pen and the bed which is a kuranda its cute and some other shiatte and ye

rly impatient :((



the background is thats what its called lol

i have another tumblr that i dont follow anyone on (or do i) just kinda stalk but i dont use it for followers or crap but now i am on this so:

sry if it looks gay like those pawprints im sry ill figure it out

if u like those annoying “artsy” “hipster” accounts follow mi friend avoidably idk if this is ok to do idk bye

here’s another picture of the gorgeous japanese

anyslore um wat inspired me to get a shibe was the marutaro account on instagram.. a couple months back i checked it out and we were inseparable ever since. (mean girls reference do u feEL ME) 
ye so i literally bought all the shit already lol and ill show u it in another post l8r when i take the piczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
what was i gonna say

OH YES! i like dont swear in “public” a lot so if u like know me err uh related uh this is for the sake of the blog :( but who cares im like 8 and three quarters anyways LOLJK BYE
ps im also a big fan of the shibaconfessions blog, the new owner is just as good <3333##*^3555
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